Outmate Outreach ENDOWMENT FUND
On Sunday evening, January 25,
Dr. Stephen E. LaFleur of Outmate Outreach
led a Candle light Prayer Vigil in
San Antonio, mourning those departed
and praying for the spirits of the living.
Hundreds of families are suffering due to the incarceration of the major breadwinner of the family.  Children, through no fault of their an
ongoing struggle for this forgotten segment of society.  The inmates should rightfully pay for their crimes, but to force additional hardships
on spouses and children is inexcusable  Rising to the occasion, Outmate Outeach Prison Ministry has initiated the
Outmate Outreach
Endowment Fund
to assist those in need.

Individuals and corporate donors are urged to participate in this worthy cause, as making a difference in the lives of those families will
be a major step in keeping them off the tax rolls and be an additional deterrent to the rampant rate of recidivism in this country.

Of major importance is the plight of the families of those inmates and correctional officers who lost their lives in the tragic bus accident on
Wednesday, January 14, 2015, where a Texas Department of Criminal Justice transport bus slid off an ice overpass on a rural Texas road
into the path of an oncoming freight train.  Eight inmates and two correctional officers were pronounced dead at the scene and five others,
although recovering from their injuries, will face a lengthy battle of recovery.

Outmate Outreach, in its efforts to assist families, will provide college scholarships to all children of those deceased and will also have
additional funding for future needs of similar magnitude.  Your participation is vital and is of utmost importance.
Ten incarcerated individuals
and two correctional officers
were pronounced dead at the scene.
Five other received major
injuries but survived.
On a cold and icy Wednesday morning, on
January 15, 2015, a TDCJ transport
bus slid off a rural Texas road
into the oncoming path of a
railroad freight train.
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