Johnny has been serving in a church staff position since 1984.  He was a music major at Lamar
University in Beaumont, Texas.  He has been an ordained minister since 1987 and has served as
pastor in three churches in the past 23 years.  He is currently serving as a bi-vocational pastor of
Calvary Grace Baptist Church in Devine, Texas.  Johnny is well known for his heart for evangelism
and is supported by his home church as he looks to minister through song to other congregations.

Johnny's music ministry started in 1983 and has had a wide span of ministry to young and old alike.
In 1995 he cut a CD with Huff Studios in Mississippi.  The album named "
God Came Near" has
blessed many hearts when trouble was heavy in there lives.

Johnny is now working on a concert series for local churches that showcases the old hymns that are
loved by so many.

Johnny is available for bookings on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday nights.
He can be contacted   by email at or by calling
* About Johnny Melancon*
Johnny Melancon Ministries
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