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P  R  I  S  O  N       M  I  N  I  S  T  R  Y


We are taught that in the book of Matthew,  
"where two or three are gathered
together, in my name, I will
be in the midst of them."  This does
not mean just being together
physically, but can also mean
"spiritually or in one accord."

Each Sunday night,
10:00 - 10:30pm CDT,
hundreds of inmates across
the country, come together
in the privacy of their cells,
in agreement for
"Family Prayer Time".

Would you join with us?
OOPM was originally conceived in 1978 by Dr. Stephen E. LaFleur, who was on
staff as the Volunteer Coordinator for Prison Fellowship at the federal prison in Ft.
Worth, Texas. Although there was no formal organizational structure, Dr. LaFleur
used his personal resources to minister to families of inmates - those family
members that were paying the price without being incarcerated.

OOPM was officially organized in 2003 and since then, has ministered to 100's of
inmates in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arizona and California.

On March 31, 2019, Dr. LaFleur stepped down as President and Executive Director
of Outmate Outreach and was succeeded by Jeff Thomas, J.D., a long time friend
and board member.  
Our commitment is to be a resource to all believers that are behind bars who
serve by sharing their faith with others.  We cross all denominational lines,
recognizing that the Spirit of God moves in many different ways. As such, we are
not affiliated with any church group or denomination, nor do we receive
guidance, instruction or financial support from any organization.
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Prison Ministry
Since its inception, OOPM has been recognized as an innovator in prison
ministry, with the quarterly newsletter, “
The Transformer”, reaching deep into
administrative segregation to inmates unknown to the church and to most
ministries.  Word of mouth has increased circulation to over 40 units in Texas
alone, with many inmates in general population.  

Incorporated into the fabric of the newsletter is Family Prayer Time.  This is an
informal meeting of all inmates across the system as they join together, each
Sunday night at 10:00 pm CDT for a time of corporate prayer, understanding the
principle of “two or three joining together” does not necessarily mean “physically”
together.  Participants have seen answer to  prayers because of their faithfulness
in this time together.

The exciting new program called  “
Peacemakers” serves to train long-term
inmates for ministry  behind bars.  Available to inmates with longer than ten years
to serve,
Outmate Outreach Training Institute offers free seminary level courses for
select individuals to act as ministry liaisons, providing spiritual advice and
counseling to their peers.

Our Family Services department works as a facilitator between families in need
and with local groups who provide resources for emergencies, employment,
childcare, transportation, housing, etc.  Survivor scholarships will soon be
available to children of TDCJ inmates who lost their lives in early 2015.

The ministry works to provide Volunteer Chaplains to inmate family organizations
such as the Texas Inmate Family Association.  Carefully selected, trained and
placed in local chapters, these volunteers are able to minister to family needs
and coordinate resources through local churches.

Working with the Child Evangelism Fellowship, OOPM introduces  inmate
children to a wide variety of services, including free correspondence courses and
summer camps
OOPM has no offices, no salaries, and no financial obligations.  Funds for daily
operations come from gifts and donations, with public and private contributions
going toward expenses, printing and mailing of newsletters, training materials,
and inmate correspondence,.   Institutional giving to create an endowment fund
is separate and is earmarked for survivor scholarships, emergency funding and
strategic planning.

We are organized as a non-profit under the laws of the State of Texas and have  
made application for IRS 501 (c) 3 status.

(Donations for daily operations for the ministry are never requested, but always accepted.)
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