Stephen E. LaFleur, ThD, CCLC
Changing Hearts and Transforming Lives
Sometimes life takes unexpected turns and you are left with no
one to talk to - or at least it seems that way.  Friends, family,
co-workers, and your pastor all have a vested interest in you but
some, at least, may have their own agenda.  Everyone will have
advice, based on their own relationship with you.  Unfortunately,
much of that advice may not be sound and just digs a deeper
hole, plus there is zero confidentiality.

We work with each person as an individual, giving unbiased and
non-critical assessments of the situation.  We work with you to
help find a workable solution to your problems.  We recognize God
as being sovereign and our will being to secondary to His plan for
our lives.  We first focus on that relationship, knowing that all else
will fall into place, once we have those core values established.  
We look at the financial situation and offer solutions.  We give you
our total support as we help you become the person you always
wanted to be.

Change can rarely take place overnight, but rather happens over
a period of time.  We stand ready to work with you, regardless of
the circumstances, to see you through.

Call to schedule an appointment - times are flexible and the
session rates are extremely affordable.  Individual or Group.
Confidential sessions in the privacy of our office.
Marriage & Family Counseling
Faith-Based Life Coaching
Dr. Stephen E. LaFleur
Certified Community Life Coach
Lic No. 12127024
Copyright 2012
Serving the Golden Triangle
In addition to being a Certified Community Life Coach, Dr. LaFleur
has over 40 years experience as an Educational Consultant and
Family Therapist.
Proud Supporter of
The Center for Missing & Exploited Children